About Kristina

Kristina’s dancing career started when she was 4 years old and stepped for the first time through the door of the OLYMPIA DANCE SCHOOL in Kosice, Slovakia.Her incredible dance talent was very quickly recognized and she was only 6 years old when she first became the 10 dance Latin and Ballroom Champion in her category. At the age of 8 years, Kristina was selected to become a part of the national Latin formation team. She says: ‘I’ve been a part of the formation teams since a very young age. I’ve learnt the dynamics of the team, as well as what it takes for the team to work as a one unit to become simply flawless. I am very thankful for this experience.’ As she was growing up, Kristina won multiple Latin and Ballroom Championships walking up the ladder of the dance sport.  Kristina’s success was recognized not only nationally but also internationally, which prompted her to study various other dance styles to master her technique. In 2005 Kristina joined the CASSIA DANCE SCHOOL, where she developed her dance style by being trained by the top teachers in ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. It did not take a long time before Kristina and her dance partner Marosh became very popular and sought after Latin and Ballroom teachers, especially for their friendly and relaxed approach and their ability to tailor the classes based on the individual needs.

In 2006, Kristina and Marosh moved to the UK and were invited to join the DIABLO DANCE COMPANY salsa team, which broadened their horizons in a new dance styles. Together with the team, Kristina became the European team salsa Champion and this was only the beginning of hers and Marosh’s professional career in salsa.

Since 2006 Marosh and Kristina have been continuously developing their salsa style. Travelling to and performing at various UK ( Scottish Salsa Congress, UK Salsa Congress) and International Salsa Congresses (Athens Salsa Congress); taking classes with the world’s top Salsa teachers and performers (Yamulle, Juan Matos, Oliver Pineda) all contributed to creation of their own and very unique salsa style. With over 10 years of experience as dance teachers, performers and competitors, Marosh and Kristina are proud to be sharing all their knowledge and experience with their students and their audience. They are very proud of achieving the titles of European Professional Salsa and Bachata Champions, European Team Salsa Champions, UK Open Salsa Champions and 3 Latino Dance Champions, 23rd at the World Latino Dance Festival and 6th at the World Latino Dance Festival (men shines category).

Marosh and Kristina represent a new and fresh generation of salsa teachers, performers and dancers on the current UK salsa scene. .As professional salsa teachers, performers and competitors, they have been recognized across the UK for their genuine and friendly approach, for being an inspiration to other dancers and for their unique dance style and ability to deliver highly spectacular shows.

Currently Kristina and Marosh are working alongside Mauro and Eva and the PASO DORADO TEAM. Benefiting from years of dance experience, they always bring fresh ideas which they are always ready to share with other team members. In addition to being a part of the team, Kristina and Marosh continue to charm with their teaching and performing across the UK.


Kristina and her Dance History:

1990 – 1998:

Slovakia, Kosice, Dance school Olympia (dancer)

1998 – 2001:

Slovakia, Kosice,Dance school Meteor (dancer)

2004 – 2006:

Slovakia, Kosice, CASSIA DANCE, n. o. (dancer,teacher)

2006 – 2009:

UK, London, Diablo Dance Company (dancer)
European Salsa Championship in teams 2006/2007 with Diablo Dance Company.

2009– now:

UK, London, Professional salsa dancer and teacher


Dance Results:

1.Slovakia  Latin Formations Championship 1st place 
1.Slovakia Ballroom and Latin Championship – Junior -10 dances 1st place 
2.Slovakia  Latin Formations Championship 1st place 
1.Slovakia  Latin Formations Championship1
4th place

1. International IDSF Championship  Latin dances (Hungary) 2nd place
2. International IDSF Championship Ballroom dances (Hungary) 1st place 

As couple Kristina participated on many National and International performances and competitions.(Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary)