Marosh has become a qualified professional UKA dance

“Certificate of Professionally qualified instructor (UKA)”

Marosh became a Professionally qualified instructor(UKA) in June 2010 (United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing (UKA)

To reach the level required to become a Professional (UKA) instructor often means you have to raise or change the level of your instruction, dancing and your understanding of the dance. Salsa has a lot more structure than most people realize including footwork (danced to two-four timing).

To becoming a Professionally Qualified Instructor (UKA) means that you will probably have to attend an Instructor or crossover course. This will teach you about the fundamentals of the dance, the footwork, the partnerwork, how to teach Turning, Spinning correctly, teaching moves correctly (including to a count), and structuring lessons. You will have to sit an exam that includes a dance demonstration (to demonstrate your ability), a teaching demonstration and questions about the dance; how to teach a lesson to a Professionally standard, running a venue and safety.