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Salsa – The World Professional Championship 2014 in Miami

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We became the GRANT FINALIST in the World Professional Salsa Championship 2014 in Miami  !!!

World Salsa Summit- Hosting the Global Salsa Championship. We were qualify to participate in the World Salsa Championships in Miami in February 2014. And proud to have achieved to be the grand finalists in the 5th place in the World Salsa on1 division.
It’s been the most inspiring event EVER and the caliber of all the dancers and competitors was literally out of this world!!!
The event itself proved that EVERY dancer IS a unique talent in its own right and it was a true blessing to experience all the dancers celebrating this vision together at one of the World’s most prestigious events of the year!

"A big thank you to everyone’s support from home, you had no idea how much it helps 🙂 xxx  "Marosh & Kristina
"Hi Marosh & Kristina, I want to thank you for your professionalism and for representing the UK as you both did. Congrats !!! "Nelson Florest - Organisator of the event

Results of Final World Salsa “on1” Summit Championship 2014 in Miami:

1st  Pablo Garcia & Yilena Labrada  (Guatemala)
2nd Jose Maldonado & Loretta Chianese (USA)
3rd Giancario & Masha Johansson (New Zealand)
4th Darlin Garcia & Liz Becerra (USA)
5th Marosh Kulhavy & Kristina Ferkova (UK)


More info:

  • Marosh & Kristina

  • Marosh & Kristina

  • Family reunion! We were soo lucky to have the support from our family all the way from New Jersey, US! Thank you very much Hacke Dancesport Ballroom Dancing!

  • Backstage with Jose Maldonato / Loretta Chianese

  • Backstage with Elvis Collado the current World Salsa freestyle Champion

  • Winners – Pablo Garcia Y Yilena Labrada (Guatemala)

  • Marosh & Kristina

  • Backstage photo with the Current World Salsa Cabaret Champions Uriel Garcia and Vera Rowe

  • Backstage with organisator Nelson Flores