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Are you getting ready for Competition?

With over 15 years of experience in dance competitions, we focus on pre-competition preparations for students willing to take their dancing to the next level. If you’d like a new inspiration in your dancing then taking part in a competition is another way of improving your skills! We organize private lessons to focus on:

      • choreography polishing,
      • technique,
      • performance,
      • and stage presentation.

 Our training offers tailored approach based on the individuals’ skills, previous experience and the individuals’ expectations.

 We are very proud of our students who became UK Salsa Champions in amateur category in 2011!!!

If you’d like to take on this challenge, do not hesitate and contact us!.

OurStudents said

ömer Jakup

No one can prepare social salsa dancer to become rising star champion and to be 2nd in British salsa championship (amateur level) with only 5 weeks preparation. You are the best...

ömer Jakup - Dancer who we prepared for Competition

Fantastic Duo! Great teachers - clear, precise and patient! Very friendly, helpful and approachable. Willing to go that extra mile to help you progress. A couple of years ago they helped me to organise a "Latin Evening" to help fundraise for my son's RUGBY TOUR to New Zealand! They managed to get the hardened Rugby parents onto the dance floor and even managed to persuade reluctant 16/17 yr old boys to dance as well! (Kristina's sexy costume may have had something to do with this!!!") ! We raised a lot of money and photos of their performance are now in the archives of the school!! Their dancing is outstanding - exciting and lyrical and I don't know how Kristina manages to do those fast turns over and over again without getting dizzy!

Caroline Daniels - Salsa Student - from our class in Epsom
Caroline Daniels

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