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Bachata / Bachatango


Learn how to dance Bachatango with Marosh & Kristina. While learning exciting dance moves, you will get a good understanding of the different rhythms, footwork, partnering and heart pumping styling. This course is ideall for beginners as for Intermediate levels dancers.No experience? No problem! Come and join the fun and you will be on the dance floor with confidence sooner than you could imagine.




Date: Sundays: 22nd Sep, 29th Sep, 6th Oct, 13th Oct
Time: 6-7 pm
For: All levels
Cost: £25 (Advance bookings recommended)
Venue: LOUDWATER SALSA CLUB, Queensmead Road, Loudwater HP10 9TZ

4 week Bachatango Course designed by us to make you learn quickly focusing on principle and core techniques of timing, leading, following, musicality, shines and styling. To find out more about Bachatango as dance, origin, styles etc.

OurStudents said

Joseph K. Ansah

Marosh: funny, technical, lovely hair Kristina: Looks, grace, style ... not enough space/adjectives to describe her on this page. I first came across these guys in the first performance team that I joined in the UK. They were established standout performers in the group, and from the beginning I could see that they share a great connection. Their observations, technical input and sincere encouragement were a great help in my dance development, and in their individual way, they both improved me as a dancer, and gave me an appreciation of how different forms of dance can be harnessed into a greater, powerful whole. As they can’t say it themselves without appearing big-headed, I’ll have to say it for them: Their varied dance background and foundation, technical knowledge and love of dancing make them one of most aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable dance couples to watch, and learn from, and I know a number of people whom they have encouraged and developed to become very proficient dancers. I admire and love these guys not just for their ability and creativity, but also for their personalities, humility and attitude; that entire package doesn't come together often enough in a talented dance couple.

Joseph K. Ansah - our friend from Diablo Dance Company

No one can prepare social salsa dancer to become rising star champion and to be 2nd in British salsa championship (amateur level) with only 5 weeks preparation. You are the best...

ömer Jakup - Dancer who we prepared for Competition
ömer Jakup