About Marosh

Marosh started his dance career at the age of 18 at the top Latin formation dance club in Kosice, Slovakia. What he thought was only a ‘try-out’ class had rapidly developed into his lifetime passion. As a very talented young dancer, Marosh became finalist at numerous national and international Latin and Ballroom championships and very soon achieved his Champion title at the age of 22. In addition to his successful solo career as a competitive Latin and Ballroom dancer, Marosh represented the nation at numerous international and world championships as a part of the Slovakian Latin formation team. He says: ‘Being in the formation team enabled me to strengthen my stage presence, and it ultimately led to my interest in choreographing by myself.’  In 2004 Marosh joined the CASSIA DANCE SCHOOL in Kosice as a Latin and Ballroom teacher and choreographer. Working with and alongside top teachers in ballet, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary, Marosh had developed his dance technique and created his unique dance style. ‘I was very fortunate to have had such an opportunity and I am honoured to share my knowledge and skills with all our students now.’ As a young and talented choreographer, Marosh had created numerous Latin and Ballroom choreographies presented in The National Theatre and theatres across Slovakia.

In 2006 Marosh arrived into the UK and became inspired yet by another dance style- salsa. Having solid dance background, enabled Marosh to use his technique and style to create his own salsa stage presence which was later spotted by Laith Sami, who invited Marosh together with his partner Kristina to join the Diablo Dance team. Together with the team, Marosh became the European team salsa Champion and this was only the beginning of his and Kristina’s professional career in salsa.

Since 2006 Marosh and Kristina have been continuously developing their salsa style. Travelling to and performing at various UK ( Scottish Salsa Congress, UK Salsa Congress) and International Salsa Congresses (Athens Salsa Congress); taking classes with the world’s top Salsa teachers and performers (Yamulle, Juan Matos, Oliver Pineda) all contributed to creation of their own and very unique salsa style. With over 10 years of experience as dance teachers, performers and competitors, Marosh and Kristina are proud to be sharing all their knowledge and experience with their students and their audience. They are very proud of achieving the titles of European Professional Salsa and Bachata Champions, European Team Salsa Champions, UK Open Salsa Champions and 3 Latino Dance Champions, 23rd at the World Latino Dance Festival and 6th at the World Latino Dance Festival (men shines category).

Currently, Marosh and Kristina represent a new and fresh generation of salsa teachers, performers and dancers on the current UK salsa scene. Their extensive technical background and a very approachable teaching style are well recognized amongst students. They are known for their elegant dance style and very unique and eye-catching dance shows.

Marosh and his Dance History:

1996 – 2004:

Slovakia, Kosice, Dance club TC Kosice (dancer)
In Dance club TC-Kosice successful represented Slovakia in Formation mix Latin and
mix Ballroom dance in Internationals and homes Championships.

2002 (Hosting):

Austria, Vienna, Studio IVX Jozef Pollak (dancer)

2004 – 2006:

Slovakia, Kosice, CASSIA DANCE, n. o. (dancer)
During my performance in Cassia Dance n.o, I perform as a dancer in Latin and Ballroom.
I participated on performances in Cyprus ( in year 2004) and Greece ( in year 2005).

2006 – 2009:

UK, London, Diablo Dance Company (dancer)
European Salsa Championship in teams 2006/2007 with Diablo Dance Company.

2009– now:

UK, London, Professional salsa dancer and teacher


Results of Formations:

1.Slovakia Championship  Latin Formations 1st place 
2.Slovakia Ballroom Championship 2nd place
3. World Championship Latin Formations Wels (Austria) 15-16. place
4. World Championship Ballroom Formations Braunschweig (Germany) 15.place
1.European Championship Ballroom Formation Ústi / Labem (Czech) 14-15 place
2. World Championship Latin Formations  Bremerhaven (Germany) 18-20 place
3. European Championship Latin Formation Békescsaba (Hungary) 9-10 place
1. Slovakia Ballroom Championship 1st place 
2. World Championship Ballroom Formations Sttutgart  (Germany) 19-24 Place
1. Slovakia Ballroom Championship 1st place 

As couple Marosh participated on many National and International performances and competitions.
(Slovakia, Czech Republic, Luxemburg, Hungary, Austria)